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Our Kankerbossie 

Karoo Herbs grows Sutherlandia in the heart of the Karoo. 

Our Cancerbush is grown 100% organically. 

Cancerbush is a wildflower from the semi-desert and cape landscapes of Southern Africa. It has been used by various indigenous tribes as a cure-all remedy as far back as we can remember. Today, cancerbush is an endangered plant species and much less known among the local inhabitants. Our mission at Karoo Herbs is to spread awareness and make cancerbush available to everybody. We believe that everyone should get the health benefits of cancerbush every day.




Boost Your Health with Nature!

After we have planted our cancerbush, we water it daily until the flowering season in September. Once the petals of the red flower start to wither, we harvest the plants.

Our cancerbush products are made by drying the plant's leaves and stems. Once the raw product is sufficiently dry, it is put into a tea cutter machine. The tea cutter ensures that the herb is cut into small enough pieces for smooth and easy straining. Part of the cut dried herb is sent to a capsule manufacturing company, and the other part is packaged at the source where it is grown.

Our flagship product is, of course, the product which we package ourselves; the dried tea cut herb. No tea bags. Just the plant. Our 100g herb packet contains enough product to last a person drinking two cups a day for four months. Our product is intended to be strained for drinking preparation. One daily teaspoon of cancerbush is enough to give you that health boost.

So, what is the story with the capsules? In African culture, it is believed the stronger the taste of a herb, the more potent its healing power is. Cancerbush has a very strong bitter and almost jaw clenching taste. No wonder cancerbush is considered one of Africa's strongest and best medicinal herbs! For those not wishing to drink the bitter tea remedy the capsules are available as a tasteless alternative. 

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How to make tea from cancerbush

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